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Get To Know Me Meme: 5 Real Life Ships [1/5]

Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet

“Leo’s friendship is a major thing in my life. It’s a big relationship. I’ve known him almost twice as long as I’ve know Sam [her husband], but he’s never been a boyfriend, which makes it completely uncomplicated and very special. We met when we were very young and did a this incredible film [Titanic], which changed both our lives, but the best thing to come out of it was this friendship. We have grown up together.” - Kate

"So long, SD."


favourite celebrity meme:

» Robert Downey Jr1/5 favourite hair moments

18.04.2013 - Iron Man 3 London premiere 

Robert Downey Jr in ‘Back To School’.

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Learn the rules. No matter what, always learn the rules. If not to know how to follow them, then to know how to properly break them.
— Burd (via unhinged-mod)

"You’re not safe"